Displaying Certain Posts on a Screen

When you create a Screen ID to display content from your HootBoard, you can control whether you would want to show all hoots from your board or only certain hoots. For example, you may want to show only the events from your board or you want to hand pick certain posts to show in the lobby.  

To do you can select to show a specific Collection for a specific Screen ID.  In the previous example, you would want to use a collection for #events or #lobby-tv.  Here's how you can control this:
  1. Navigate to Admin menu and Select Manage Screens
  2. Add a new screen or edit an existing screen
  3. Use the Dropdown menu to select All Collections for all posts or select a specific collection
  4. Save the changes.

Another option for controlling which content that can be shown your board is that you can show only public or private posts. This may be helpful if you are using your screen in a public area and don't want private posts to be shown.  This can be managed on the same page as displaying with collections.

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