How to access your Device Access Point

You can connect to your HootBoard device wirelessly in order to manage general settings such as the Screen Id associated with it, the network it is connected to, reboot the device and a few other advanced settings.  This is similar to connecting to your router to manage its settings.

In order to access your device access point, you must be within the general vicinity of the device in order to connect to it through the wireless network. Here's how to do that:

1. From a computer, search the available WiFi networks. 
2. Search for your device ID which will be the following format HB.XXX.##.

3. Connect to the network.
4. When asked for a passphrase, enter hootboard.  This can be changed later on using these instructions.
5. Open a web-browser and navigate to
6. On this screen, you can login into the access point. The username and password are hootboard. These can be changed later on using these instructions.

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