Layouts for Digital Signage Posts

There is currently three different ways to display content with HootBoard's digital signage product. We'll be adding more, one click templates where the admin can control it for each particular post on the board.  Here's a quick overview on the various options:

60/40 View: This is the default view for any posts with an image on it.  In this view the image is placed on the left and the title & description that were used with the post are placed on the right.

Only Text: This is the default view when there is no images associated with the post. This will show the title and description of the post. The background of your board will be utilized as the background.

Full Screen Image
- This option can be used to display a full sized uploaded image on the TV. This option is great for uploading pre-generated content such a flyer, company memo, an image created by a graphic designer, etc. Here's an example of how it looks with instructions on how to do this below that.

In order to get your posts to show full size you need, see the screenshot below and perform the following:
  • Select the "File" type category when adding a post.
  • After you upload your file (PDF, jpeg, png), uncheck the box for "Show the title of this post when viewing from a board or on a screen"

Event Posts - Any post that is added as an event will display the date/time and location of the event.   This works with all three templates.

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