Where is HootBoard Hosted? How secure is it?

Many users have asked us about where and how HootBoard is hosted so that we make it possible seamlessly deliver content across multiple devices like mobile, web browsers and screens.

While for security purposes we cannot expose our exact architecture, but we can mention that we use Amazon's state of the art Amazon Web Services cloud for hosting and operating HootBoard. This is the same robust infrastructure that Amazon uses for Amazon.com. Even Netflix is hosted on AWS along with millions on other small and large web applications. 

In particularly we use:

Amazon  EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) for servers
Amazon  S3 (Simple Storage Service) for storing files and images
Amazon RDS for Data Storage
Amazon Route 53 for data routing requirements
Amazon ELB for Elastic Load Balancers for load balancing across servers
Amazon Cloudfront for Content Delivery Network Services.

All above server infrastructure, is fire walled to restrict access. You can read more about redundancy features of this infrastructure on https://www.amazon.com/aws

Additionally we use 256 bit TLS 1.2 security certificates where needed so all data is encrypted as it travels over the internet. 

So does this mean I can upload anything on HootBoard?

While we take all possible steps in our control to protect user data, we recommend you speak with someone from our team if you have additional questions, requirements or concerns. If you already have a board we'll be happy to review the security settings of your HootBoard with one of our consultants for free. You can use this link to setup a meeting.

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