Installation Recommendations for HootBoard Air

Here are a few guidelines for wall mounting a HootBoard Air:
  • Ensure the VESA  bracket is connected to a wall that can handle the load safely (~145 lbs)
  • Install the VESA bracket onto a wall using the appropriate screws for the wall material (e.g. wooden studs, concrete)
  • Ideal setup allows for the HootBoard Air to be seen from further away (10+ feet)
  • Ensure the Air is installed in a corridor with adequate space to interact with the display at an arms length (48" +).
  • The Air should be hung at a height to optimize user interactions. Depending on the demographic, the installation height may vary.  All measurements are to the high spots on the corresponding VESA mount on the back of the display.  The  recommended heights are as follows:
    • Landscape Orientation: 56 - 62".
    • Portrait Orientation: 64" - 70".  

If you have any questions during installation, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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