Tips for Posting Different Types of Content to HootBoard

Here's a few tips on posting different types of content to HootBoard. Also, here's a link to another article the covers the basics of posting on HootBoard.

Images - there's a number of ways you can bring images (.jpeg or .png) into HootBoard. You can upload them from your PC, add it from the URL of the image, search for stock images or pull in images from other software like Facebook, Instagram and Google. We have a 5 MB limit for images.
  • Videos -  You can not upload videos directly on HootBoard but you can copy and paste the link of a YouTube or Vimeo video.  If you'd like to keep your video private, make sure your video setting is set to unlisted (anyone with a link can view) so it is accessible on HootBoard.
  • PDF's - you can upload a pdf with any type of hoot by selecting the File button. Once posted, members of your board and can view the PDF and download it.  We have a 15 MB limit for pdf's. Please note there is an extra 30 sec to 2 minute delay for processing posts.
  • GIF's - We don't have an inapp integration with Giphy yet but you can still post some fun Giphy's!  Find a Giphy that you like here and download it as a small download. Then simply upload it using the add image feature.
  • Powerpoints - you can not upload powerpoints directly on HootBoard but you can upload your slides on SlideShare or convert it to a PDF. If you upload it to Slide Share, make sure your setting is set to Limited (anyone with a a link can view) so it is accessible on HootBoard.
  • Survey's or Polls - We recommend linking to surveys and polls on HootBoard by adding a button (call to action) on your post which directs to the URL. Try adding an image or two to your post to help make it stand out. 
  • Word and Excel - You can not posts Word or Excel directly to HootBoad quite yet. You will need to convert the document to a pdf first in order to post.
  • Blog and New Sites  - simply copy and paste the link of the site in the title box and we'll grab whatever content is available. 
  • Music & Sound Clips - You can copy and paste links from  content on sites like Spotify and Sound Cloud.
  • Integrations - We will be adding a bunch of connectors to integrate with HootBoard by the end Q4 2017. This will allow you to auto-post content into or out of HootBoard. Here's some of the items on queue - Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Google Drive, DropBox, Slack, EventBrite, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.
Don't see what you'd like to post here? Submit a ticket or suggest an idea at

Happy hooting!

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