Setting up the Twitter Connector

Save time and simplify your communication processes with ourTwitter connector.  Setup certain rules to include in your tweets and the tweet will automatically show on your HootBoard.  Here’s how to get started with Connectors:

1. Navigate to your Account
2. Click on Connectors
3. Select Twitter Connector
4. Click Connect to Twitter. You will be asked to authenticate your Twitter Account and then to authorize HootBoard to access it.
5. Create a Connector Trigger that will trigger y when you include this text in a tweet. For example,if your trigger is !hoot, whenever !hoot is included in your tweet, that tweet will be sent to HootBoard.
6. Select which board you would like your tweets to be posted to. Only one board can be selected at a time.
7. Next time you tweet or hoot, include your trigger and watch your post be added to HootBoard.  

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