Adding, Editing and Removing Messages to the Bottom Ticker

You can add custom text to the bottom ticker on HootBoard's digital sigange and kiosk products. Here's the instructions on how to access the menu for the bottom ticker along with a screenshot further down:
  1. Navigate to your board where your HootBoard screens are setup.
  2. Go to Admin -> Manage Screens.
  3. Click on the Custom Scroll Messages tab.  
Adding Messages

NOTE - By default there is a message that displays on the bottom ticker. This will be customizable in the near future.
  1. Click on the Add another message button.
  2. Add your text to the message area.  The maximum number of characters allowed is 100 characters.
  3. Select which Screen Name(s) you would like to display the bottom message on.
  4. Save the changes by hitting Save. This will auto-update any screens that you selected.

Editing Messages - This can be used to modify an existing message, add the message to another Screen or remove the message from a Screen. 
  1. On the Custom Scroll Messages tab, click on Edit Screen Message
  2. Modify the existing message.
  3. If needed, remove or add any new screens for the message to be displayed on. 
  4. Save the changes by hitting Update. This will auto-update any screens that you selected.

Removing Messages - If you would like to remove a bottom ticker message entirely from any Screens it is displayed on.
  1. On the Custom Scroll Messages tab, click on the "X" next to the Message that you would like to have deleted. This will auto-update any screens that you have selected.

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