How to Shrink, Expand or Move the Chromebit (overscan) display to fit end to end?

Depending on your TV display, the Chromebit may not automatically adjust to properly show the display end to end.  Here are the instructions on how to adjust the overscan on the Chromebit.
  1. If you already have the HootBoard app installed, you will need to bypass the auto-boot of the HootBoard app. When starting up your device, hit CTL + ALT + S on the initial booting screen to bypass to the desktop.
  2. Login to your Google account.
  3. Click on the bottom right-hand corner of the desktop and choose Settings
  4. Look for the Device category and click on Display Settings or use the search and enter Display Settings.
  5. Under the Manage displays screen that pops-up, check the Overscan option and click on Adjust
  6. Use the right/left and up/down arrows to position the arrows on the display so they reach the edges of your display.
  7. Save the settings by closing the window and clicking on Settings and shutting down the device.
NOTE: If you unplug and plug back in the device, your settings may not be saved.

Here's a link to an article on the ASUS site if you need some screenshots. 

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