Installing HootBoard Screens Windows App

HootBoard has a Windows Simulation app that can be used to test our kiosk software on a Windows 10 PC . Here are the steps to install and run the application.

Pre-Install Setup
  • Hide the Task Bar in Desktop Mode - Go to Taskbar settings and enable the setting to "Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode" 
1. Download the zip file of the latest Windows Simulation app provided by your account manager.
2. Extract it to your desired location, it can be Program Files under C:// or My documents or where ever you feel appropriate.
3. Once extracted, go inside the folder and find the HootBoardScreens.exe file, and click on it.

Note: In some cases, the application may not be allowed to run because of your security settings, you can take measures to allow the application to run.

4. The application should now start running and you can enter a Screen Id. Make sure to select the appropriate setting based on how you are using HootBoard - interactive for kiosk mode or static for digital signage mode.

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