My IT is blocking HootBoard Emails. What is the work around?

The best recourse in case your IT is blocking emails from HootBoard is to get your IT to whitelist email address.

Emails are a critical component of using your HootBoard account not having the right notifications come in will make it hard to work with. Additionally, your audience will not get critical notifications or invites to your board making it impossible for them to join.

How to identify if my IT is blocking emails?

This is usually self-evident the moment you sign up on HootBoard. The system will typically send you a confirmation email to verify your email address. However, if you do not receive this OR it automatically goes into your SPAM folder then you can suspect that the filter might have been implemented to only send whitelisted emails.

I received the original signup email but my bulk invite is not getting delivered. What do I do?

This could be happening because some spam filters are set up to block emails when they see too much activity from a single domain or an IP address in a short period of time. If this is the case, try to send invites in batches. This will allow for emails to go through in most cases.

The best option though is to work with someone in your IT to ensure that they whitelist the above email address.

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