Hoot Visibility and Making Posts Private/Public

HootBoard admins can control their the settings to make the posts on your board public or private. 

A private hoot is only visible to approved members with posting or admin access. These members only gain access to your board if you grant them access depending how your board is setup.

A public hoot will be visible to anyone visiting your Hootboard and followers, posters and admins.  

There are three ways you can control the visibility of posts that are covered below:

1. Change the Default Visibility Setting for your HootBoard 
2. Change Visibility for an Existing Post
3. Change Visibility during Posting

1. Change the Default Visibility Setting for your HootBoard
The default hoot visibility setting will make posts default public or private on your board whenever they are posted. There are three settings: default public, default private and restricted private. You can read more about these settings and find out how to set them following the instructions below:  
  1. Navigate to the Admin menu on your board. 
  2. Click on Manage Board
  3. Navigate to the Board Security tab
  4. Expand the Hoot Visibility section and select from the options
  5. Save Changes at the bottom of the page (not shown)

2. Change Visibility for an Existing Post

As an admin, you can change the visibility for any existing hoots that are on your board following these instructions:  
  1. Navigate to the board the hoot is posted on
  2. Click on Manage hoot from the hoot options or click on the hoot itself to expand the view
  3. In the Manage hoot section click on Change Visibility and select your desired setting. 

3. Change Visibility During Posting

If your board is set to to default public or private, hoots can be changed to the opposite setting during posting.

NOTE: If your board is set to restricted private, the visibility can not be changed during posting.  

Here's a screenshot of where you will find that during posting:

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