How to embed a Hootboard on your website

Embedding a Hootboard on a website is as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Embedding works on any site or CMS platform like WP, SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly and more.  Adding to your site is as simple as a copy and paste of a snippet of html.  
  1. Navigate to your board and Click on More (Top bar)
  2. Click on Embed board.
  3. If you are embedding a specific collection, they select a collection from the drop down.
    #Pro-tip: With this you can have different pages on your website with different posts only from a specific collection eg. #jobs, #events, #for-sale etc.
  4. Copy the "embed code" and paste in the HTML content of your web page OR at the appropriate place in your CMS platform. 
  5. #Pro-tip: You can customize the look and feel of your board to match your site's design. Go to Admin (Top Bar) >> Manage Board >> Board Info (First tab) >> Board Customization
  6. Need help embedding your board? Schedule a HootBoard setup session.
Check out an example of an embedded board on one of our pages here:

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