What are Collections?

Collections are categories for your Hootboard that allow members of your board to easily filter through content on your board. Once a collection is selected it will update the view of your board to only show posts that have been tagged that way.  For example, if you have a select a collection for #jobs, it will only show hoots that were tagged #jobs. We will soon be adding the ability to select two collections so in the same example, if I selected #jobs and then #engineering, it will show posts that have been tagged with both jobs and engineering.

Admins create collections for the board and once they are created, they will also be recommended to posters when they are posting. Forgot to add it to a collection? Don't worry admins can change them later on by going into Manage Hoot or posts can edit hoot..  Here's a quick video to see how collections look like in action on our touch kiosks and on the web:

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