What are Collections?

Collections are categories or topics for your Hootboard.  They collect all the posts on the board that were tagged in a certain way.  For example, if you create a for-sale collection, it will show all posts that have been tagged #for-sale.  Admins create collections for the board and once they are created, they will also be recommended to posters when they are posting. Forgot to add it to a collection? Don't worry admins can change them later on by going into Manage Hoot or posts can edit hoot..  Here's a quick example, to show the #for-sale example above in action:

This is Show All View.  You will see all posts on the board. Some of these posts have been tagged. with #for-sale

Clicking on a collection will update the board to show all the posts with that same #tag. For example, in this example #for-sale

Here's a quick video to see it in action:

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