Creating Organization Level Partnerships

Use the instructions below to partner with other organizations in the area and post your events, announcements and discussions to their boards:
  1. To initiate a "Partnership" request to some organizations in your area start by opening your board from under "My Boards".

  2. Once the board loads, in the left menu you will see Partners > Find Partners. You can search for organizations in your area by entering the zip code (US) or a general location. Please note  that there are minimum requirements that you have to meet before you can send partnership requests. You will see a notice if you haven't met these else, you shall be able to search for partners directly. 

  3. Find organizations that you think might be good for you to partner with i.e. their  audience will appreciate you posting your content to their board.

    We suggest that you
     write a personal note explaining why the partnership is good for both your organizations. If you will be posting promotions for events, services or products; mention that you will offer a *special discount*.  This will give admins of the partnering organization an incentive to accept your request. Not all organizations will be appropriate.

  4. Once the partner admin has accepted your request, you can post your hoot to partner by going to your board, opening the hoot and clicking "Post to Partners"

  5. Expert tip: When you post to specific boards, try to make your posts relevant to the members of target board. For example, if you are posting to let's say a University board, give a special offer that is relevant to student, faculty OR staff of that university. That way your posts won't come across as spam and they will appreciate your offer. This is mainly applicable for promotional posts.

  6. Remember the admins can always remove specific posts OR revoke your partnership entirely. Please don't abuse this privilege that the partner admins have extended.   

  7. Finally, Bring in your own existing partners on HootBoard. If they can create their own boards and embed to your website, both your organizations can benefit from people promoting each other's events and other posts to your collective members.    

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