Whats the difference between a member, follower, private viewer and an admin?

A Follower can view and will receive updates of any new public posts on your board. A follower can not post to your board but they can add comments. 

Private Viewer can view and receive updates for both public as well as private posts (hoots) on your board. A private viewer cannot post to the board but they can add comments on posts.

A Poster can post and will receive updates of any new public or private posts on your board. A poster can not change any settings on your board.

An Admin  can do everything a Member can as well as all the typical features an admin can do.  They can create collections, change board settings, remove & moderate posts, change members access levels and more. To add new admins to your account, invite new members and then use the change access level instructions below to make them admins. 

To change the access level of any user go to your board under My Boards. Then go to Admin > Manage Members > List of Members and use the blue button to change access level.

Don't hesitate to email us at support@hootboard.uservoice.com if you have any other questions.

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