How do I post a hoot?

You can post a hoot to a board you are a member of if you have poster or admin access

Make sure to check out this article for TIps on Types of Content you can Post to HootBoard. 

Step by Step Instructions to Post

1. Click on Post Here in the top right hand corner on the web or on the green post button on our mobile app. 

2.  Hoot Categories: The first screen will show you different categories to choose from as a starting spot such as Announcements, Events, Questions, etc. In time, these will be more customized. For now, the only category that is customized is the Event  category which will allow you to add a Start and End Date/Time. This will also automatically add your post to the calendar for you.

3. Add a Title or Link box -  Every post requires a title (100 character max) or you can copy and paste a link from external sites (ex - YouTube, CNN, etc) to automatically create a post for you.  If you add a link, you can add an optional note to go along with the post.

4. Hoot Description - use this box to add as much information as you would like to your post. If you highlight the text, it will give you some basic formatting capabilities like bold, italic , underline and hyperlink.

5.  Hoot Enhancements (Optional): Add additional information to your hoots with the options below. Enhancements work for all three types of posts. For example, you can turn a text, link or file hoot into an event. 
  • Images - add one more multiple images to your post.  You can either upload images, add an image via a URL, search for stock images or pull images from other software you may use like Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, etc.
  • Location - Add a location to your post in order to show a map on your hoot and allow people to get directions to the location.
  • Buttons - Add a call to actions to your posts to direct people to an external site or to an email address.
  • Colors - Use colors to help spice up posts or color code posts. We'll be allowing you to add custom colors in the future.
6. Click Next.

7. Select a Board to post to.  All hoots require at least one HootBoard. We'll be allowing you to select multiple boards in the near future if you are on our sub-board plan. 

7. Tag the Post to a Collection(s) (Optional): Select from a Collection(s) that have been created by the admin(s) of your board. Collections make sure hoots get tagged and posted to the right category/topic on your board making it easier for others to find them later on. 

8. Click on Post a Hoot. You should be all set to go. You can click on the small blue icon to refresh your board to see your post.  Please note that file uploads require some extra processing time and take approximately 1-2 minutes to post.

Happy Hooting!  

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