How do I post a hoot?

You can post a hoot to a board once you are a member or an admin of a HootBoard. Here are the instructions on how to post or a videoHappy Hooting!

1. Click on Post Here in the top right hand corner of the board.

2.  Types of Hoots: Select the type that best fits your post. Here's a bit more about the three types:
  • Text - Let's you create a hoot about anything with a title, description and photo.   
  • Link - Create a hoot by just pasting a link from popular sites from around the web. Great for YouTube videos, news/blogs, events from sites such as EventBrite, Slideshare and more. 
  • File - Upload a PDF, jpeg or png. Great for fliers, forms, documents, etc.
3. Hoot Enhancements (Optional): Add additional information to your hoots with the options below. Enhancements work for all three types of posts. For example, you can turn a text, link or file hoot into an event. 
  • Events - Use this so anyone using your board can view just events, sort them by date, add to calendar or navigate to the event location.
  • Nearby - Adding a location allows your post to be visible to anyone using Nearby to see posts in their vicinity. 
  • Buttons - Add call to actions to your posts to direct people to an external site or to an email address.
  • Colors - Spice up your posts with this option.
4. Select a Board to post to.  All hoots need a HootBoard.

5. Collections (Optional): Select from a Collection(s) that have been created by the admin(s) of your board. Collections make sure hoots get tagged and posted to the right category/topic on your board making it easier for others to find them later on. 

6. Click on Post a Hoot. 

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