How to create Event hoots

Any type of hoot (Text, Link or File) can be turned into an event by adding in information into the Events Tab.  Once this information is added, it will automatically add the event information to the board page and hoot page. It will also allow you to Filter to "Upcoming Events" or "Free Events" on your board so you can see only hoots that have been tagged.  See the screenshots below.

Here is some more about the current event details you can add to posts:
  • Date/Time - Add the start and/or end info for your event
  • Event Location - Add a location for the event so others can get directions directly from your hoot
  • Free Event - Mark the hoot as a free even
  • Hide my hoot after the event - If this is checked, the hoot will automatically hide from the board after the event is over

Event Tab on Post a Hoot

Event hoot on the board page

Event info on the hoot page

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