How to Enable Paid Posts on Your Board

 Here are some instructions on how you can setup certain collections to be paid so when anyone posts to they are set at a price that you define. 

1. Charging for posts requires a Silver plan or higher so make sure your board is upgraded.

2. Decide which collections will be paid to post and at what price point. 
We recommend charging > $2 since there is a transaction fee of $25 cents + a percentage from CC processor.  Examples below.
    • Jobs ($25.00)
    • Classifieds ($5.00)
    • General-Sponsor ($50.00)
    • Front-page-sponsor ($100.00)
    • You can create other interest based collections and keep them free.
      Click on Add Collections, enter a name and set a price.
3.  Click on Add collection, enter a name for your collection,  add a price and click on Add Collection. 

4.  Check your board settings to make sure Hoot-Approval is turned on so you can educate posters if they post in a wrong collection.
5. Use these collections to embed by collection. on various spots on your website site as per the category. You don't have to plaster the HootBoard all over just try 2-3 areas to start out.

6. Embed the entire board (not restricted by collection) at a specific spot so you can direct people there for initial signup, knowledge base etc.

7. Finally, Advertise and promote HootBoard to your members. 

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