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  1. Adding, Editing and Removing Messages to the Bottom Ticker

  2. Adjusting the Volume for on your Chromebit/Chromebox

  3. Board Access - How can people join my board

  4. Board Visibility Settings and Hiding Boards from Search

  5. Can an admin edit someone else's post?

  6. Can I make a Hoot hide or expire on a board I am admin of?

  7. Can I play videos on HootBoard digital signage or kiosks?

  8. Can I post a Word document?

  9. Can you explain how posting to sub boards and parent boards allows users to view hoots.

  10. Changing your Board's Background Image

  11. Changing your Method of Payment for Premium Plans

  12. Chromebit / Chromebox Setup and Installation of HootBoard Screens App

  13. Configuring Access & Privacy for your Board

  14. Creating a Short URL for your Board

  15. Customizing the Look and Feel of your HootBoard

  16. Default View Options on Kiosks - Bulletin Board View or App Vew

  17. Delete or remove a hoot from your board

  18. Displaying Certain Posts on a Screen

  19. Do my posts get posted to Facebook if I sign up with Facebook?

  20. Does HootBoard work on Internet Explorer?

  21. Getting Access to Post

  22. Getting Started on HootBoard

  23. Hiding Posters Name on Kiosks

  24. Hoot Visibility and Making Posts Private/Public

  25. How do I change someone's access level?

  26. How do I change the email address for my account?

  27. How do I change the image or name on my account / profile?

  28. How do I delete a Hootboard I created?

  29. How do I delete my account?

  30. How do I edit or remove a collection?

  31. How do I leave a board?

  32. How do I manage my Email Notifications?

  33. How do I post a hoot?

  34. How to access your Device Access Point

  35. How to Add a Button to your Hoot

  36. How to change the email associated with your account

  37. How to comment on a hoot

  38. How to Create a Sub-Board

  39. How to create Event hoots

  40. How to edit a hoot?

  41. How to embed a Hootboard on your website

  42. How to Invite others to your HootBoard

  43. How to Remove a Sub-Board

  44. How to share your board

  45. How to Shrink, Expand or Move the Chromebit (overscan) display to fit end to end?

  46. How to view a Hoot

  47. I tried to post but it says "Owning Board" is Required

  48. Installation Instructions for the HootBoard Glide

  49. Installation Recommendations for HootBoard Air

  50. Installing HootBoard Screens Windows App

  51. Is ethernet or WiFi preferred for my HootBoard device?

  52. Layouts for Digital Signage Posts

  53. List of Services to Whitelist

  54. Moderating Posts and Comments

  55. My device keeps restarting

  56. My IT is blocking HootBoard Emails. What is the work around?

  57. My screen is just black

  58. Recommended Image Dimensions on HootBoard

  59. Running HootBoard digital signage software on your own hardware

  60. Setting up the Twitter Connector

  61. Tips for Posting Different Types of Content to HootBoard

  62. Ways to use Collections with HootBoard Screens

  63. What are Collections?

  64. What do the various static screen (digital signage) settings do on the Manage Screens page?

  65. What is a Screen ID?

  66. What is HootBoard in 30 Seconds?

  67. What's the difference between Text, Link and File posts?

  68. Whats the difference between a member, follower, private viewer and an admin?

  69. What’s the difference between managing my Screen ID and managing my Device?

  70. Where is HootBoard Hosted? How secure is it?

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